22 Canned Fish Recipes That Are Budget-Friendly and Delicious

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Dive Right In

While tuna may be a popular pick, there are plenty more fish in the sea when it comes to canned food. You can try salmon, sardines, clams, squid and more. Buying these alternative options is a great way to keep protein on-hand since they’re both accessible and affordable. Keep them stocked in your pantry for those times when you need a dose of nutrients—or are simply craving seafood. We’ve rounded up lots of great picks but this simple pasta dish, which uses canned mussels that are marinated in a smoked paprika and fennel tomato sauce, is a must-try. Add some halved cherry tomatoes to the mix and you’ll have a delicious sauce for almost no work at all.

Get the Recipe:Spaghetti with Mussels and Tomatoes

Salmon Cakes

No need for fresh fish with this recipe! Crack open a can of salmon and mix together the ingredients to form small patties. Sauté them until the cakes are nice and golden.

Get the Recipe:Salmon Cakes

Pasta Puttanesca

This spicy, delicious pasta is a breeze to make, thanks to pantry staples like pasta—and canned tomatoes, olives and anchovies.

Get the Recipe:Pasta Puttanesca

Mediterranean Tuna Salad

Skip the mayo and give your tuna salad a Mediterranean twist. Flavors of lemon, fresh dill and tomato make this dish bright and sunny.

Get the Recipe:Mediterranean Tuna Salad

Flatbread with Clams and Bacon

Seafood on pizza? Yes, please. This cheesy flatbread is topped with salty bacon and clams and finished with a drizzle of honey.

Get the Recipe:Flatbread with Clams and Bacon

Open-Face Sardine Sandwiches

Upgrade a tin of sardines to create these beautiful sandwiches to serve when you have guests over.

Get the Recipe:Open-Face Sardine Sandwiches

Pimiento Mac and Cheese

We can’t decide what our favorite part of this ooey, gooey mac and cheese is: the pimento cheese, the buttery cracker topping or the fact that the whole thing is made extra satisfying with tuna.

Get the Recipe:Pimiento Mac and Cheese

Parisian Tuna Sandwiches

Turn canned tuna into a fancy, bistro-style sandwich by adding artichoke hearts and olives from the pantry. Layer the tuna onto rolls along with some arugula and radishes and you have a quick-and-tasty bite.

Get the Recipe:Parisian Tuna Sandwiches

Tuna Tostadas With Chile Mayonnaise

Tostadas are a fun alternative to taco nightand they’re great with canned tuna. These ones use chipotle powder, pimento-stuffed olives and pico de gallo for lots of smoky, salty flavor.

Get the Recipe:Tuna Tostadas With Chile Mayonnaise

Potato-Chorizo-Octopus Skewers

Octopus is usually reserved for restaurants, but with this simple dish you can easily make it at home!

Get the Recipe:Potato-Chorizo-Octopus Skewers

Spaghetti and Tuna Meatballs

No ground beef? No problem. Katie makes meatballs for pasta night using a pantry staple: canned tuna. Combined with breadcrumbs, cheese and egg, they come together easily and taste just as good as any meat-based version.

Get the Recipe:Spaghetti and Tuna Meatballs

Snack Plate with Anchovies

Anchovies will be the best thing to happen to your cheese board. We promise!

Get the Recipe:Snack Plate with Anchovies

Tuna Noodle Dump Dinner

This creamy tuna-noodle dump dinner is made entirely in one baking dish, egg noodles included. It tastes just like the casserole you grew up eating but requires less equipment (and cleanup). Instead of using the classic cream of mushroom soup, we opted for a combination of cheese, broth, heavy cream and sour cream, which provides the same velvety texture.

Get the Recipe:Tuna Noodle Dump Dinner

Cabbage Salad with Squid

This effortless salad is delicious yet so simple to make. Just chop all your ingredients up and throw in a bowl!

Get the Recipe:Cabbage Salad with Squid

Mediterranean Tuna Melts

Craving a warm and satisfying meal? Canned tuna to the rescue. Season it with a few spices and tuck it into pita bread along with cheese before warming through. Simple and delicious.

Get the Recipe:Mediterranean Tuna Melts

Artichoke, Anchovy and Lemon Pasta

This Sicilian-inspired pasta with anchovies is easy to achieve and perfect for a summer meal.

Get the Recipe:Artichoke, Anchovy and Lemon Pasta

Tuna, White Bean and Olive Flatbread Pitas

Even if your pantry is close to bare, you probably have the fixin’s for these super-simple and special flatbreads. The combo of sun-dried tomatoes and vinegar gives the bean spread a tangy earthiness that goes great with the tuna-and-olive salad. It’s a perfect big snack or small meal. Or try the spread on your favorite crackers.

Get the Recipe:From the Pantry: Tuna, White Bean and Olive Flatbread Pitas

Crackers with Smoked Trout

This no-cook appetizer comes together in a few minutes, but is full of flavor—the smokiness of the trout goes particularly well with baba ghanoush.

Get the Recipe:Crackers with Smoked Trout

Smoked Mackerel Dip

Smoked mackerel is an unexpected, but welcome, addition to this creamy appetizer dip. It can be made a few days in advance of your party—just remove it from the fridge about 30 minutes before serving to let it come back to room temperature. Use any leftovers as a topping for bagels or toast!

Get the Recipe:Smoked Mackerel Dip

Sardines with Parsley Oil

Get your daily dose of good-for-you seafood with this classic sardine and oil recipe—it’s great for snacking!

Get the Recipe:Sardines with Parsley Oil

Tuna Casserole

This is a surprisingly low-fat version of the classic tuna casserole you grew up with. You make your own creamy mixture, which replaces the high-fat condensed soup in the original version. Fresh breadcrumbs toast right on top of the casserole!

Get the Recipe:Tuna Casserole

Artichoke and Bean Salad with Tuna

Canned foods make it simple to eat healthier. And this salad is both easy-to-make and versatile. Canned beans, artichoke hearts and tuna make this lunch (or dinner) one you can whip up anytime.

Get the Recipe:Artichoke and Bean Salad with Tuna

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