BBQ Pork Rib

OmmX’s BBQ pork rib


  1. 1 Lt. Pork or Chicken stock
  2. 1 bottle BBQ sauce


  1. Clean pork rib with drinking water

  2. Put pork rib in pressure cooking pot

  3. Put chicken/pork stock in until it cover the rib

  4. Heat up the pressure cooking pot with the highest heat with the lit open until it boil

  5. Remove foam the floating in the pot

  6. Once you remove all the foam, close the pressure cooking lit and lower the heat to the lowest and leave for 20-30mins

  7. Heat up the oven to 220c and wait until the pressure cooking pot is ready

  8. Once the pressure cooking pot is ready, remove all the pressure by open up the pressure valve and wait until all the pressure is release

  9. Once there no pressure left in the pot, open the lit and remove the pork rib and put on oven ready plate

  10. Soak the pork rib in the BBQ sauce or use brush to rub all the BBQ sauce all over the rib

  11. Once the pork rib are all cover with BBQ sauce, put in the oven with 220c heat and leave it for 15mins

  12. Once the 15mins is up, remove the pork rib from oven and re-apply BBQ sauce and you’re done!

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