Blue moon mojito

I make this drink just for changing the taste and it gives good taste that’s y sharing with you guys must try
#ramadanspecialwith huma


  1. 2 cups white cold drink
  2. slices Lemon
  3. leaves Mint
  4. 1/4 tsp Black salt
  5. cubes Some ice
  6. 2 drops Blue color(food color)


  1. Take 1 slice of lemon and mint leaves and crush it

  2. Now take 1 glass.rub lemon on the tip of the glass and dip in the suger.

  3. Now add ice cubes in glass.

  4. Add white cold drink

  5. Add crushed lemon and mint leaves.

  6. Add blue color (food color).

  7. Add salt.

  8. Mix it and garnish it with mint leaves and slice of lemon.

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