Break (camping food)

I ate this growing up when we went camping. It looks weird and the ingredients are just as weird to mix them all together, but it’s good , and clean up is a breeze. ( family camping recipe)


  1. Bag plain chips (big bag)
  2. 1-2 cans tuna
  3. 1 Romain cup noodles
  4. Mayonnaise
  5. Honey


  1. Make noodles cup with directions on cup.

  2. As you are waiting for the noodles to be done, open the bag of chips and crush them, drain tuna from the can, add the tuna to the chip bag, then add some mayo about 1/2 cup, when noodles are done add to chip bag water and all.Fold the chip bag it will be hot! And squeeze the bag around for about 1-2 mins or till you think it’s mix well and let sit for 2-3 mins

  3. Then open chip bag and cut the sides of the bag, mix again and top it with honey all over it… eat it right off the bag.

  4. Done.

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