Clean fish ball soup

Since my baby now eating solid and teething she like to eat chewy food. Fish ball is one of it. The authentic and handmade homemade fishball are so yummy and not mixed with flour like what you buy frozen. It is best to give the original fishball to your kids. And i am very particular about this,even veggies I buy them organic. Organic veggies have their own taste of sweetness and cooked much much faster than the non organic. Try pumpkin squash or other fruit veggies.even cucumber…


  1. Salt
  2. Sugar
  3. Garlic
  4. Cabbage -other veggies can too
  5. Big chili- get rid of the seed to avoid spiceness
  6. Fish ball


  1. Heat your pot with water once boil add all ingredients and herbs in. Include your fish ball. Then add salt and sugar.taste it to see it is Mark to your taste bud. Leave it for 5-6minutes.done… healthy and no oil.happy try

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