Cookies 'N' Cream Ice Cream

Hey guys go to the ice cream and this has only three ingredient so you can save money


  1. Sandwich Cookies
  2. Condense Milk
  3. Heavy Cream


  1. Seperate the cookies and it’s cream to a two bowl

  2. And then put the cookies on the plastic,close it and crash it

  3. Put the crashed cookies in a bowl and then add the condense milk

  4. And mix it

  5. Get the heavy cream and mix it

  6. Add the mixed cookies to the heavy cream and mix it

  7. Put the ice cream to a tray and put the vanilla on the ice cream

  8. Put some cookies to on the ice cream and freeze it to four hours

  9. And then when the ice cream is freezed for four you can now taste the ice cream

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