Craveworthy Coleslaw Recipes

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The Best Creamy Coleslaw

We made our cool, crunchy slaw with just the right amount of tang from sour cream and vinegar. A bit of honey balances the acidity. This classic summer side dish would be welcome at any picnic or backyard BBQ.

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Poppy Seed Coleslaw

Poppy seeds have a nice, nutty flavor — which makes them a perfect add-in for tangy homemade coleslaw. As an added bonus, these tiny black seeds make for a pretty presentation!

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Almost Famous Coleslaw

Here’s our take on the coleslaw served at KFC. It’s sweet and cooling and a perfect pairing for salty fried chicken or any barbecue sandwich.

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Rainbow Coleslaw

This colorful slaw couldn’t be simpler to make. Just dress a mix of shredded veggies with a sweet-and-tangy blend of honey, vinegar and olive oil.

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Spicy Coleslaw

The simplest way to give your coleslaw a makeover? Add a little heat! A few pickled jalapenos (and some of their pickling liquid) will do the trick.

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Red Coleslaw With Grapes

This tangy, vinegar-based slaw is great as-is — but it’s also the perfect choice when you’re looking for something to pile high on burgers, pulled pork sandwiches and more.

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You only need 6 ingredients (plus salt and pepper) to make Robert’s version of the classic. Better yet, it takes almost no time at all to mix up. Just be sure to make the coleslaw ahead and give it a chance to chill before serving, for the best flavor.

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The Best Vinegar Coleslaw

We love the zippiness that a vinegar-based dressing brings to this coleslaw, making it the perfect partner for rich, meaty dishes like pulled pork or ribs. Cabbage can take lots of seasoning and lots of vinegar, so don’t be bashful. But the real secret to this colorful coleslaw is the marinating time – a long trip to the fridge softens up the veggies and gives them time to absorb the flavors of the vinaigrette.

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Caraway Coleslaw

The key to this easy-to-make slaw is toasting the caraway and mustard seeds before combining them wiht the other ingredients. The heat brings out their flavor, making your finished dish anything but bland.

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Italian Fennel Coleslaw

This might look like your average bowl of coleslaw but it packs a surprising amount of flavor. A little bit of spicy horseradish and some peppery, shaved fennel give it just the right amount of character.

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Pickle Coleslaw

We love Chef Symon’s simple trick for next-level coleslaw: chop up some of your favorite pickles and add them into the mix (along with a bit of their brine). Genius!

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Creamy Coleslaw

Bobby’s trick for amping up the flavor of his coleslaw? He grates a little bit of Spanish onion and stirs it into the dressing.

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Red, White and Blueberry Coleslaw

As fun as it is to make this patriotic slaw for Memorial Day, 4th of July and Labor Day cookouts, this blueberry-studded beauty will become one of your favorites — making it a welcome addition at backyard barbecues all summer long.

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Creamy Coleslaw With Grapes and Walnuts

This deceptively simple coleslaw has a wonderfully sophisticated flavor, thanks to the addition of buttery walnuts, sweet-tart grapes and a bounty of fresh herbs. It’s the perfect choice when you’re entertaining guests and want to impress.

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This classic take is cool, creamy and a breeze to make. It’s everything you want in a summer side dish!

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Easy Coleslaw

A simple way to dress up slaw made with bagged mix? Add fresh dill and parsley.

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