Double Vanilla Cupcakes

Hands up if you love VANILLA! These Double Vanilla Cupcakes are infused with velvety, sweet vanilla flavor in both the cake and the frosting. Make them for a birthday, office party, or “just because”!

Let’s Celebrate Vanilla!

It raises my hackles when someone calls something “plain vanilla.” Plain? Plain?! Are they insane?! There’s nothing plain about vanilla!

Given, I’m a little more passionate about the spice than most (if it wasn’t apparent enough). Heck, I named my blog after the stuff.

I have no less than nine varieties of vanilla beans in my pantry! Not to mention six kinds of vanilla extract – three of them homemade. Vanilla oil, vanilla sugar, chopped up vanilla beans. I even keep a dried bean in the filter of my vacuum so the place smells like vanilla when I clean.

Different Types of Vanilla

Even when we discuss the flavor of vanilla, there’s nothing plain about it. Mexican vanilla has a velvety, sweet and creamy scent that begs to be made into puddings.

Tahitian vanilla has a heady aroma of figs, that reminds me of summers eating the sticky fruits stuffed with cheese and honey.

The dark and rummy smell of Madagascar vanilla hint at a slight, musky nose of tobacco. My favorite, the Tonga vanilla bean which, after deep inhale, will bombard you with images of black cherries.

A True Vanilla Cupcake Recipe

Any of these beans are perfect in this delightful vanilla cupcake recipe, a recipe that I’m very proud of. It’s a fantastic way to show off vanilla, a spice that does love center stage.

I like to think of vanilla as my humble, endearing, sweet-smelling obsession. Personally, I feel this particular vanilla cupcake recipe will seduce you to the way of vanilla as well.

If you don’t have a vanilla bean you can get away with just the vanilla extract, but this vanilla cupcake recipe is infinitely better with the beans.

Ways to Use the Leftover Vanilla Bean Pod

While they can be expensive (buy online), keep in mind that even after you scrape the seeds out of the pod, you can use the pod many times over.

Steeping the pod into cream for ice cream, pop it in a bottle of vodka for homemade extract, or in a jar of sugar for vanilla sugar are just some suggestions. No matter which way you choose, these homemade vanilla cupcakes will be delicious.

Other Frostings

This recipe includes a recipe for (you guessed it) vanilla-infused frosting! If you’re looking for something a little different, though, try a cream cheese frosting or even this extra-rich chocolate frosting!

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