Dry Passanday Eid Key Pakwan

With same inherited change beef with chicken boneless n deduct raw papaya.New recipe will be chicken dry masala or by addition cream it will be chicken handi

  • Now take cumin seeds, coriander seeds and cursh coconut and bhuno well on tawa (tawa give good arroma) and grind them very fine powder

  • After 4 hours marination add bhuna masala,red chilli powder and curd and mix very well with hand

  • Now put them in handi take small piece of foil and put on Passanday mixture and put heated charcoal and put oil on charcoal.cover properly with foil or lid of handi

  • After 15 minutes take out charcoal n cover again with foil and put on slow flame at least for an hour than check and cook till dry

  • If you want garnish with coriander leafs, green chillies and ginger strips

  • You can serve it with paratha,Nan and with rice as a kebab.you can make kebab roll or can use for making sandwiches

  • It’s my family secret recipe

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