Eggplant Parmesan

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  1. Eggplant
  2. Eggs
  3. Milk
  4. pinches Salt and pepper
  5. Breadcrumbs
  6. Parmesan cheese dry
  7. Oregano
  8. Garlic powder
  9. Paprika
  10. Thyme
  11. Beef broth
  12. Tomato sauce
  13. pinches Salt and pepper
  14. Oregano
  15. Thyme
  16. Rosemary
  17. Parsley
  18. Garlic powder
  19. Onion powder
  20. Worcestershire sauce
  21. Red wine vinegar
  22. Lemon juice
  23. pinch Brown sugar by the
  24. Butter
  25. Mushrooms
  26. Mozzarella cheese
  27. Extra virgin olive oil
  28. Mushrooms
  29. Butter
  30. pinch Salt


  1. Wash all foods, using paper towel pat dry,

  2. Slice eggplant on the horizontal into one-quarter inch slices, no need to peel except any bruised or darkened areas.

  3. Whisk eggs until frothy, add a splash of milk to cream up the eggs, adding a pinch of salt and pepper into a soup tureen.

  4. Mix bread crumbs, parmesan cheese, salt and pepper, oregano, garlic powder, paprika, and thyme into a flat bowl or soup tureen. Treat eggplant slices by dipping into the wet to fully saturate with egg, then into the dry ingredients then placing in prepared skillet.

  5. Into a skillet or iron skillet covered with a hot thin layer of extra virgin olive oil, over a low heat, place treated eggplant slices alongside one another, or in other words eggplant dipped into the eggwash then into the bread crumbs. Turn slices over when browned and brown on the other side. Remove from skillet and place on paper towels to absorb oil.

  6. Into a kettle add tomato sauce, beef broth, splashes of milk for texture and flavor, and spices. Bring to a medium simmer so that bubbles are rising through the sauce but not splashing sauce about, then add one cup of red wine, reduce heat and reduce to about half the amount of sauce.

  7. Into an oblong glass pan or ramekins layer sauce, slice of eggplant, mushrooms, sauce, slices or shredded mozzarella cheese, fresh parmesan cheese, and small thin pat of butter. Continue to build layers until cooking dish is about three-quarters full. Layer thickly with fresh parmesan and mozzarella cheese.

  8. Preheat the oven to 350° and bake for five minutes or so until cheese is bubbly and browned.

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