French toast

My mother made this for us when we were growing up. It is a great way to use up bread. There is an art to doing this, but when you figure it out, the results are delicious.


  1. 1 cup milk
  2. 1 egg
  3. 4 slices bread


  1. Beat egg in a shallow pan. I use a pie pan

  2. Add milk to egg and mix

  3. Add one tablespoon bacon fat to skillet. I use cast iron.

  4. Put 1 whole slice of bread in milk/egg. Quickly place in skillet on medium heat

  5. Repeat step 4.

  6. Break one slice of bread in half. Place in egg mixture. And place in one side of skillet.

  7. Repeat for 2nd half of bread.

  8. Brown in skillet and flip to other side. Move from skillet to plate.

  9. Butter and pure maple syrup make this yummy.

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