Gluten-free chickpea flour crepe wrapped around veggies

Quick and healthy Gluten-freechickpea flour crepe wrapped around veggies with some yogurt dressing.


  1. 1 Cup Chickpea flour or Gram flour
  2. 1/2 Tsp Chilli powder
  3. 1/2-1 Tsp Turmeric powder
  4. to taste Salt
  5. Yogurt dressing
  6. 1 Tsp Oil
  7. Water
  8. And veggies of your choice


  1. To begin with add all the spices to your chickpea flour.

  2. Mix well

  3. Then start adding water to it.

  4. To make a smooth batter.

  5. It should not be too watery nor too thick.

  6. Once batter is ready.

  7. Heat the pan and grease it with some oil or ghee.

  8. Pour the batter.

  9. Let it cook from both the sides.

  10. Remove it on a plate.

  11. Now add stir veggies. I’ve used French beans and carrots, you can use any vegetable of your choice.

  12. Some yogurt dressing. (simply add salt and pepper to your plain yogurt. I used Greek yogurt)

  13. Wrap it and enjoy these healthy and quick gluten free wraps.

  14. See you guys soon with another interesting recipe??

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