Grandma tapioca dessert

There is a story behind this recipe. Growing up with my late grandma I learn a lot food and cooking with basic thing. Herbs and vege from the jungle. I miss her so much at times.she passed away two years ago. It break me so much to the extend I couldn’t even go to the graveyard. Deep down its feel like she still around yesterday for the very first time I decide to cook this and remind me of her flavor. This is my favorite all time. Because we are so poor so she find way to make delicious food.


  1. can Brown sugar -sugar also
  2. Coconut milk -optional
  3. Bit of salt
  4. Tapioca – I ground it myself
  5. Cooking oil


  1. Prep the ingredients as below.mixed it all together.this is very very simple dessert.

  2. Heat your wok and add in cooking oil to avoid stickiness. Once hot enough just pour in your ingredients and stir it well.keep stirring to avoid sticking to your wok and burn.for about 30m.with medium low heat. Until tapioca get yellowish golden color and it is done.ready to serve.happy try

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