Klepon Labu Kuning / Pumpkin Sticky Rice Balls With Palm Sugar

Klepon is a dessert or snack made out of sticky rice flour, with pandan juice (thus the colour is green) filled with shredded palm sugar, boiled, then dunk on shredded coconut.

It is chewy and as soon as you bite it, it bursts in your mouth because of the melted palm sugar. Usually sold as street food or sometimes at a bakery.

This is mixed with pumpkin paste so it is yellow. I will make the original version and post the recipe here as soon as I have enough time.

It is actually very easy, but you have to have a lot of patience to make the balls ?


  1. 100 grams pumpkin purée
  2. 100 grams glutinous rice flour
  3. 2 tbsp thick coconut cream
  4. 1/2 tbsp salt
  5. Water for boiling
  6. Filling:
  7. 6 tbsp shredded palm sugar
  8. Topping (Steam everything):
  9. 6 tbsp shredded coconut
  10. 1/2 tbsp salt
  11. 1 pandan leaf


  1. Put together the pumpkin purée, glutinous rice flower and salt. Mix well.

  2. Then add in the coconut cream. Mix well again.

  3. Take 1 tbsp of the pumpkin dough. Shape into a ball then flaten it out. The fill with shredded palm sugar. Shape into a ball.

  4. Do until everything is done.

  5. Put some water in a pan. Let it boil.

  6. When boiling. Add in the balls.

  7. When they float, they are cooked. Take them out and let them rest.

  8. Put the steamed coconut on a tray.

  9. Then dunk in the pumpkin balls on the coconut. Coat them all.

  10. Serve.

  11. Usually serve on a “bowl” made out of banana leaves. But I don’t know how to make it ? sooo, let’s serve them on a plate instead ?

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