Lollipop chicken in a root beer barbecue sauce

This was fun, and my kids loved it. I didn’t post my root beer bbq sauce, I made that a recipe all on its own it was that good lol, I will link it too this recipe so it’s easier to find. But you can use any bbq sauce.


  1. Chicken legs
  2. aluminum foil
  3. Root beer bbq sauce (see my other recipe, make in advance.)


  1. Cut ends of chicken legs, and press down the meat.

  2. Dip in bbq sauce and cook in oven on 350 or in an Air fryer.

  3. When chicken is about done pull out of oven, and put aluminum foil on the ends, and bush with more root beer bbq sauce, let cook for 10 more mins, or until chicken is browned up.

  4. Notes- this took to much time, to make them all that way, I didn’t have the patience for it or the time, so I only did a few.

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