Mexican Inspired, In a Wok!

Warm enough outside to cook with gas!Hoot hoot!


  1. Marinated chicken from Cardenas
  2. Slices chopped onion
  3. Chopped chili's, sweet and Anaheim
  4. Handful hominy
  5. Several tbsp's of chopped cilantro
  6. Rice, I used long grain, seasoned as below
  7. to taste Lime juice,


  1. This thing gets just stupid hot RIGHT NOW! ?

  2. Toss, I have to practice. Some landed all over the porch and Pippi felt obligated to clean up… Bless her soul; you’d think she was starving between cheese slices…

  3. Since I got the carbon steel one this works on the induction thing! Pics of the rice.

  4. Saffron rice!

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