Mixed Veggies with Mushroom and Walnut


  1. 6 broccolini (cut the back edge)
  2. 6 asparagus (cut the back edge)
  3. 3 portobello mushroom (tear apart)
  4. 6 pcs walnut
  5. 4 Garlic
  6. Sesame
  7. Salt
  8. Black pepper
  9. Olive oil


  1. Boil broccolini and asparagus

  2. Heat the pan, add olive oil, put the garlic in, sauteé until golden brown, then bring the vege in.

  3. When it’s started to cook, put the mushroom in, sauteé until they’re cooked. Next, add the walnut on to the pan, season with salt and black pepper. Sprinkle with sesame seeds.

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