Oats pizza (Gluten free)

Normally on Weekends we would end up eating junk Fast food for dinner.
My husband asked me if I could prepare healthy Alternatives forjunk food, which tasted as goodbut won’t kill him? and this Pizza recipe is what I came up with.
Healthy food should Not be Boring/tasteless else we will always Divert to Junk food. So guys here’s my healthy alternative to your favorite junk food.


  1. for base:
  2. 2-3 cups powdered oats
  3. 1-2 tsp olive oil
  4. 1/2-1 Cup hot water
  5. for sauce:
  6. 2 Tomatoes
  7. 2 dried whole Red Chillies
  8. 2-3 pods garlic
  9. 1/2 onion
  10. 2-3 tsp apple cider vinegar
  11. 3 tsp honey (depending how sweet you want)
  12. Salt as per taste
  13. toppings:
  14. 1 Onion
  15. 1 Paprika
  16. 250 Grams Mozzarella
  17. (you can use any vegetables or meat of your choice)
  18. SEASONING (for sprinkle)
  19. Black pepper
  20. Oregano
  21. Sea salt


  1. For sauce :

  2. Boil tomatoes, onions, chillies and garlic together.

  3. Cook it until it is soft.

  4. Once it is cool down. Blend everything into a smooth puree.

  5. Now heat a pan and transfer the puree. Wait for a boil.

  6. Then add salt, honey and vinegar

  7. Cook for another 1-2mins

  8. Then keep it aside for later use.(if you want you can add olive oil to it)

  9. While our sauce is cooling down let’s make our base.

  10. For base:

  11. Take powdered oats, now slowly start adding hot water to it.

  12. Mix it well with spoon or spatula.

  13. Add more water if needed.

  14. Then leave it for 2-3mins

  15. After resting for 2-3 mins, add some olive oil and knead until you get a smooth and soft dough.

  16. Divide it into two portions.

  17. Flatten it on baking sheet using your fingers or you can also use rolling pin if you want to make a round base.

  18. Now spread your sauce evenly on the base.

  19. And start adding your toppings.

  20. Then cover veggies and base with the shredded or grated mozzarella.

  21. Sprinkle some black pepper, oregano and sea salt

  22. Now set your oven at 240° degrees and place the pizza in oven for about 30-40mins

  23. Enjoy this super healthy Oats Pizza.

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