Pan fried gluten free dumplings

My favourite street food from my hometown, i can eat 10pcs at one sitting! Normally we eat steamed. Dip with soy sauce with crushed chilli and vinegar, yummy!


  1. 150 gr rice flour
  2. 150 gr tapioca starch
  3. 1 tbsp oil
  4. to taste salt
  5. 375 ml hot boiled water
  6. 100 gr water chestnut
  7. 100 gr shitake mushroom soaked
  8. 50 gr carrot
  9. 1 bunch garlic chives
  10. 1 tbsp garlic mince


  1. Prepare the dough, mix well flours, salt and oil, pour hot boiled water, knead with more tapioca flour as needed, the dough will be slightly sticky

  2. Prepare the filling, julienne carrot, mince water chestnut, shitake mushroom and slice garlic chives, set aside

  3. Heat wok, add oil, garlic and filling, stir fry with salt, pepper, chicken powder(optional, you can skip with sugar), when the carrot soften, take off from heat

  4. Portion the dough add more tapioca starch for dusting, roll out, cut into round shape, and finish off with roll for thinner skin.

  5. Add filling to dumpling and ready to cook

  6. Heat non stick pan, add little bit oil, place dumplings and fried both side. Pour 200ml hot boiling water to pan and cover up, turn the heat to medium about 8minutes

  7. Take off when no more water left on pan. Serve with fried garlic

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