Smoked salmon with ikura and yoghurt


  1. 100 grams yoghurt
  2. 15 grams za'atar
  3. 10 grams olive oil
  4. Proteïne
  5. 125 grams smoked salmon
  6. Herb oil
  7. 100 ml oil
  8. Leftover fresh herbs


  1. Start by hanging the yoghurt in a towel above a bowl so some of the moisture can come out this will firm the yoghurt up approx. 2 hours when weighted down

  2. Now start on the herb oil, begin with placing your left over herbs in a blender approx. 60 grams of herbs. Pulse this mixture together with oil it does not have to be smooth

  3. Put the mixture in a pan on low heat for 5 minutes

  4. Immediately sieve the oil and put it in the fridge to remain a nice green colour

  5. Now slice the salmon, start with deskinning the filet afterwards you can cut of the belly (reserve for tartare)

  6. Now that you have a clean salmon filet you can cut thin slices approx. 70 mm thick or a combined weight of 125 grams

  7. Return to the yoghurt en look if it has stiffened up if so you can continue otherwise you need to wait a short while

  8. Start by whisking the za’atar and the olive oil through the yoghurt

  9. Finish with salt and lime zeste to taste

  10. When Al is done you can start plating up

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