Stuffed bacon-wrapped ribeye jalapeno

Rinse jalepeno well!

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    1. Gouda
    2. Bacon
    3. Heavy cream
    4. Ribeye
    5. Poblano
    6. Yellow onion
    7. 30 jalapenos cut in half should make 60
    8. 6 cups panko
    9. 2 tablespoons sambal


    1. Sauteed onions and poblanos, and ribeye in the hot large pan

    2. Next stuff 60 jalapenos with your stuffing mix lay jalapenos face down stuffing touching two strips of bacon roll the bacon to the back sideNext add Gouda panko and heavy cream, sambal

    3. Once ingredients are hot and cheese has melted turn off and set in cooler for 10 minutes

    4. While stuffing is cooling half your jalapenos rinse jalepeno well cut 60 bacon strips in half

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