These Clever Tater Tot Recipes Are (Almost) Too Good to Share

5. Cheesy Taco Crock Tots

For far too long, tater tots were considered a subpar cafeteria side dish (not as good as french fries; better than a steamed vegetable). Not anymore. For the past few weeks, we’ve been experimenting with creative new ways to cook with tots — from casseroles to frittatas — so that you can work the crispy little spuds into your meal plan more regularly. Here are our favorite new dishes.

1. Flamin’ Hot Tots

These crispy golden tots are inspired by Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. They’re tossed in a spicy dry rub (chili powder, paprika, garlic powder, and cayenne), and served with queso dip as a nod to the cheesy snack.

2. Easy Cheesy Tater Tot Frittata

Spiced and roasted tots make for a crispy top crust on this cheesy frittata — or should we say fri-tot-a. Think of it as enjoying your potatoes and eggs all in one dish.

3. How To Make the Easiest Tater Tot Casserole

This Midwestern casserole — also known as tater tot hot dish — involves a layer of crispy tots atop a creamy beef-and-vegetable filling. It’s just as comforting as shepherd’s pie, but instead of making mashed potatoes, you get to start with a bag of tots.

4. 5-Ingredient Loaded Totchos

If you’re looking to upgrade your game-day spread, look no further than these loaded totchos, in which crispy tots get the loaded baked potato treatment. Few can resist the combination of sharp cheddar, salty bacon, and tangy sour cream.

5. Cheesy Taco Crock Tots

For a fun new twist on taco night, give these slow cooker tots a try. Pantry staples like salsa, beans, taco seasoning mix, and frozen corn give them all the flavor of tacos, with none of the work.

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