Vegetables fritters

Vegetables fritters is very famous in Indonesia. So many peoples make and sell it . Street food, yes if u come to Travel to Indonesia especially in Jakarta,Bandung, Bogor, Java you will very easy to find it, it also sell in the the some restaurant such as in the ‘Warteg” or Warung Tegal which means Tegal Restaurant .or in Sundanese restaurant, but here in Hongkong we will find only in some Indomarket . And i prefer to make by my self cos i can mix veggies what i want. And here i use carrot, cabagge,spring onion and celery leaves.


  1. Carrot
  2. Cabagge
  3. Spring onion
  4. leaves Celery
  5. Plain flour
  6. to taste Pepper
  7. to taste Chicken powder
  8. 5 cloves garlics (grated)
  9. Water
  10. Cooking oil


  1. Wash all vegetables and peel the skin of carrots

  2. Cut carrots into small lengths like matches

  3. Cut cabbage into small lengths also

  4. Chop chop celery n spring onion

  5. Mix well all ingredients,add some flours and stir. Add water little by little and mix well as in the picture

  6. Heat oil in the pan and deep fry it little by little untill a bit crunchy but dont burn,

  7. Take out from the pan and continue frying the rest untill it’s finished,and this is it 🙂 serve it with fresh chili or chili sauce with some green tea,, hmmmm nom nom 🙂

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