White Rice


  1. Rice – 1 cup (250 gms)
  2. Water – 3.25 cups (gms)
  3. Oil/Ghee – 1 tablespoon (15gms)


  1. In a vessel, soak rice after washing it ~ 3 times in cold water; for about 30 minutes to an hour. After 30 minutes; boil water in a kettle.

  2. Open the rice cooker and add the water from the kettle. This is just to speed up the process. Ensure the water quantity is thrice the size of rice.

  3. Drain the soaked rice. Add it to the rice cooker. Add the oil/ghee. Turn the rice cooker in to cooking mode (white rice/brown rice). Wait for it to finish cooking. Switch off and let settle for 5 mins. Rice is ready to be served.

  4. Tip: Ensure that the water is 3 times the amount of rice. Soaking is completely optional. If you want to cook immediately, skip soaking. Boiling water in kettle is just to speed up the process of cooking and can be skipped; if you don’t want to. Oil/ghee is optional and is used for the purposes to prevent rice from bubbling up much and also so that the rice doesn’t go bad for quite sometime.

  5. Rice variety: when it is raw white rice or parboiled rice, the water quantity is 3 times to 3.25 times (unsoaked). If the rice is basmati or Jasmine rice, the water is 2 times and it is preferred that these rice be soaked for extracting their full flavor. If it is brown or wild rice; I suggest you dish then for a minimum 1 hour and use 4 times the quantity in water. The oil/ghee ranges 1 – 2 tablespoons and not more.

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